Leadership Challenge

Great leaders are made, they’re not born. And in business as in sport it takes top level leadership training to seal the big deals or to lead your team to that prized title.

In schools though students often lack the opportunity to practice and develop these essential skills, to step up and take on a leadership role as regularly as they should.

Our Leadership Challenges allows them to practice that role and to develop their style and skills. Performing under pressure, in a new and unfamiliar environment it’s strange how often the true leaders, the pupils who step up to take ownership of a stressful and pressurised challenge are those you thought may have lacked leadership qualities.

It’s an experience pupils never forget, an experience they take away and build on. A new-found self-belief and knowledge supported and encouraged by our team of specialist leadership coaches.

WAKTU Performance Pillars

Our WAKTU Performance Pillars are embedded throughout all our challenges. Performance pillars that we believe are essential for sustained success at the top level.

Self Awareness

All our actions have consequences. Some positive, some we’re not so proud of. Our challenges shine a clear light on your true behaviours and their impact on you and those around you. A sharper sense of self, your own values and motivations that improve understanding, build awareness and help you make positive choices.

Continuous Improvement

Success begets success. And once you have experienced success by looking challenge square in the eye, by staring it down, you’re perfectly placed to build a successful future. It’s a high performance mindset – the mindset of a professional athlete or successful entrepreneur, a mindset you can choose. A mindset that means as life keeps teaching, you never stop learning.

Staying True To Your Values

Values defined are values held dear. But how well are you equipped to defend them? Our programmes are designed to probe, to question and to challenge. Tough personal questions designed to help you understand and appreciate the importance of focusing on your values. After all… anything that changes your values changes your behaviour.


None of us succeeds alone. We all rely on our relationships, our networks, our peer support. The stronger our relationships are - the stronger we are. The shared experience of our challenges sets and secures the strongest of relationships. Friendships forged on trust, on shared experience, on mutual support - the support you give, the support you receive.

Active Life Style

Think you know your physical limits? Think again. We’ll inspire you to achieve things you never even dreamt possible. And once you’ve tasted your new achievements, your new highs, of course… you’ll want more - you’ll want that feeling every single day of your life. Healthy body. Healthy mind. A life well lived.

Mental Resilience

It’s not what life throws at you that matters. It’s how you respond. And the best response is invariably a prepared response - a response built on strength, on training. Our challenges are designed to take you beyond comfort, to a place where you continuously doubt your ability. We’ll show you what it takes to make your comeback, to get back in one piece. To respond in style... to succeed.