Coping with Pressure Challenge

The Olympic Effect - the knowledge that you have given 100% in training. A full 100% over the 4 year Olympic cycle. And safe in that knowledge you are calm, you possess sky high levels of self-belief and, when the great day comes, that all important winning mindset.

In many ways exam preparation is very similar. By strengthening their Coping with Pressure Pillars, and by giving 100% to revision students too can achieve the Olympian Effect. This WAKTU Challenge underpins the following Pillars across the 10-different mental and physical challenges.

WAKTU Coping With Pressure Pillars

An Olympian knowing he or she has given 100% in training after a 4 year build up provides calmness, a high level of self-belief and winning mindset on game day – this is known as the Olympian Effect. Pupils preparation for exams is very similar. WAKTU believe if pupils give 100% to their revision and strengthen their Coping with Pressure Pillars then pupils will achieve the Olympian Effect. This WAKTU Challenge underpins the following Pillars across the 10 different mental and physical challenges:

Asking For Help

It’s true. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. And unless students learn to ask for help on this WAKTU Challenge success will prove elusive. This safe environment accelerates pupils’ understanding of the importance of asking for the right help at the right time… before it’s too late.


Stress can bring out the best… and the worst in all of us. This physical challenge is specially designed to help pupils understand their emotions and behaviours when under stress. It’s an important recognition that helps them deploy the coping mechanisms required for a more focused and stress free approach to problem solving.

Time Management

Time - a precious resource. Time management - one of life’s essential skills especially during revision. This mental challenge teaches pupils the dramatic impacts of wasting precious time and the consequences of not managing it effectively.


Insufficient or poor quality sleep can have a devastating affect on performance. This physical challenge demonstrates the importance of sleep and how limited sleep at exam time will increase fatigue, drain energy, distract and ultimately contribute to underperformance. It’s an awareness that helps pupils fully appreciate the importance of recharging their batteries properly and not burning out.

Physical Exercise

Healthy body, healthy mind. Reduced stress too. This challenge teaches pupils the many benefits of fitness. How exercise reduces fatigue, improves alertness, sharpens concentration and helps us all think clearer, better, more successfully.

Removal of electronic devices & Mindfulness

We’re surrounded by electronic distractions these days. The young more than most - they live in the digisphere. Our Special Forces mindfulness coach has designed a challenge that helps pupils appreciate the absolute importance of 100% concentration. An appreciation of the benefits of mindfulness that increases the likelihood of them setting their electronic devices to one side at key learning times.


It’s a vicious circle - worry and overwork can lead to unhealthy lifestyle habits, habits that can heighten stress, leading to unhealthy lifestyle habits and on. This challenge helps pupils understand their current eating behaviours and shows them how improving their nutrition will ultimately help them get better exam results.

Peer Support

Whether we appreciate it or not, we all rely on those around us. In the good times, and the bad. Our guest speaker Paul Sculthorpe shares the inspirational story of his top level sporting career and how peer support helped him to remain at the top of his game for longer than anyone might have expected - a tale of mutual camaraderie, trust, respect and support. The WAKTU Peer Support challenge reveals the necessity of team support - in fact the only way it can be completed is if all pupils give each other 100% support.

Linked to the Olympic effect, the Pressure Challenge helps pupils understand that if they aren’t 100% prepared they’re 100% likely to fail. This challenge highlights the benefits of a measured and calculated approach to any task, to not rush in, to ask for help and to maximise preparation. Knowing you’re 100% prepared ALWAYS delivers a better chance of top level success.