Professional Sports Team Challenges

You want to be number one. Of course you do. It’s what you do. You’re not just here to make up the numbers. You’re winners. But to be the best you need to beat the best. So how about taking the last unfair advantage you’re legally allowed to take over your competition? How about channelling your development, your potential, your success with WAKTU? At WAKTU we specialise in accelerating winning mindsets. Unified mindsets alongside world class team leadership. Our specially designed training challenges, our expert coaches taking you and your teams beyond your mental and physical comfort zones to show you just how much you are really capable of.

WAKTU First Team Challenges

Your real opposition? Complacency. Complacency is the enemy. It prevents players and teams from sustaining performance levels - from consistently fulfilling their potential. Achieving first team recognition takes great ability, great commitment. But too many players break into the first team and then become reserved, they take fewer risks, they fail to push beyond the ordinary. At WAKTU our programmes are specially designed to deliver sustainable success. Challenges that not only help your players scale the highest of sporting peaks - but stay there, mentally, physically, successfully.

WAKTU have designed a series of 1, 2 or 3 day challenges that focus on:

  • Accelerating relationships within the first team and across the management team
  • Embedding a culture which see’s players both challenging and supporting team and individual performance development.
  • Enhancing a unified vision and winning mindset.
  • Preventing complacency and unlocking new physical and mental limits.
  • Helping players understand the importance of taking risks and having the self-belief in their talent and team support.
  • Showing what 100% preparation looks like and helping players and teams understand how it feels when preparation isn’t executed correctly.

Dedicated 1st team challenges. All specially tailored by WAKTU performance coaches. All designed to maximize team performance. And all centred around your club’s strategy and club values.

WAKTU Academy Challenges

Working with a wide range of academies across a number of professional sports has shone a light on some common issues. The biggest of all being the struggle that many academy players have in successfully transitioning into the first team environment. A struggle that’s not simply down to talent but supporting behaviours and character. The stronger the alignment between top class talent and top class behaviours that more academy players will transition and sustain success at the top level.

WAKTU Academy Challenges - bridging the Academy/First team gap.

WAKTU have designed a challenge which can be either 1, 2 or 3 days and focuses on:

  • Preventing players from not relying on constant support from management, parents and supporting agencies and becoming an autonomous professional.
  • Accelerating player’s ability to adapt to a changing environment.
  • Embedding a winning mindset and awareness of current mental strength and ability to push beyond their perceived limits.
  • Strengthening mental resilience and how to cope with overcoming obstacles.
  • Players becoming self aware and how their behaviours are effecting their performance and others around them.
  • Creating winning leaders with strong leadership skills and qualities.

To support all the academy players our WAKTU performance coaches will also design the Challenge around your club’s strategy and other areas such as club values, and other main issues. This provides a more bespoke WAKTU challenge tailored to your success.