Why We Exist

Our mission is to help Professional Sports Teams and Students discover and unlock unknown performance levels.

We create competitive, hostile, adaptable & dynamic environments through a range on outdoor challenges.

Ever wondered what’s beyond breaking point? Where potential stops just being a word? Ever wondered what becomes of absolute commitment, of total resourcefulness; where an iron will can take you? We’ll show you.

We organise unforgettable team and leadership challenges for Professional Sports Teams and Students. Every challenge bespoke and each challenger tested up to and beyond their comfort zone - physically and mentally.

It’s a revealing place. The kind of place where professional athletes, students discover new levels of performance and new winning mindsets. Professional strength. Personal strength. Strength for life.

And it’s our expert WAKTU coaches that help you get there. Ex SBS, world class sports coaches, world record holders and Everest summiteers - each supports our challenges and each set a benchmark for world class performance, leadership and mindset. Zero complacency. Zero soft options. Just 100% application. 100% accomplishment

Based on the shores of Lake Windermere our locations are unique and exclusive to your challenge - climb, swim, paddle board, drive and collaborate your way to new achievements.

Accommodation? Choose wild camping, country pubs, or even luxury hotels.

Time to take the WAKTU challenge?

Whatever you need we’ll tailor the programme to your exact needs. Customized challenges with single, simple purpose - your future success. Call WAKTU. Your perfect challenge awaits.

WAKTU Performance Pillars

Our WAKTU Performance Pillars are embedded throughout all our challenges. Performance pillars that we believe are essential for sustained success at the top level.

Self Awareness

All our actions have consequences. Some positive, some we’re not so proud of. Our challenges shine a clear light on your true behaviours and their impact on you and those around you. A sharper sense of self, your own values and motivations that improve understanding, build awareness and help you make positive choices.

Continuous Improvement

Success begets success. And once you have experienced success by looking challenge square in the eye, by staring it down, you’re perfectly placed to build a successful future. It’s a high performance mindset – the mindset of a professional athlete or successful entrepreneur, a mindset you can choose. A mindset that means as life keeps teaching, you never stop learning.

Staying True To Your Values

Values defined are values held dear. But how well are you equipped to defend them? Our programmes are designed to probe, to question and to challenge. Tough personal questions designed to help you understand and appreciate the importance of focusing on your values. After all… anything that changes your values changes your behaviour.


None of us succeeds alone. We all rely on our relationships, our networks, our peer support. The stronger our relationships are - the stronger we are. The shared experience of our challenges sets and secures the strongest of relationships. Friendships forged on trust, on shared experience, on mutual support - the support you give, the support you receive.

Physical Strength

Think you know your physical limits? Think again. We’ll inspire you to achieve things you never even dreamt possible. And once you’ve tasted your new achievements, your new highs, of course… you’ll want more - you’ll want that feeling every single day of your life. Healthy body. Healthy mind. A life well lived.

Mental Resilience

It’s not what life throws at you that matters. It’s how you respond. And the best response is invariably a prepared response - a response built on strength, on training. Our challenges are designed to take you beyond comfort, to a place where you continuously doubt your ability. We’ll show you what it takes to make your comeback, to get back in one piece. To respond in style... to succeed.

Friends Of WAKTU

Motivational stories to inspire your WAKTU Challenge and motivate you to even greater heights. One of the ways we support our WAKTU challenges is through our friends. More specifically the motivational and educational stories of their professional sporting lives. Their threats, their fears, the depths of their determination, the scale of their achievements - all true stories and all closely related to our challenge and Performance Pillars.

Dave Heeley MBE

Coping With Change

Dave Heeley, otherwise known as ‘Blind Dave’ shares his incredible personal story. How he actually took strength from a life changing trauma and even managed to turn it to his advantage. His highly inspirational story provides an amazing insight into the ways he managed the pressures and stress of going blind at the age of 17. An exceptional and motivational person Dave sets goals higher than anyone WAKTU has ever encountered, his incredible, motivational story inspiring challengers to become both more aware of positive paths and of the importance of stepping up to the challenge.

Brian Ashton MBE

Creating Multiple Autonomous Leaders Not Followers

Only a few sports leaders have taken an England sports team to a victorious World Cup final. Brian Ashton is one of them. Having coached and led an array of professional rugby stars, Brian is keenly aware of the leadership qualities required to take a team of often disparate characters and qualities to the top of their game. Honest, sincere and incredibly enlightening Brain’s story touches on the highs and the lows of his pro coaching career - a career underpinned by his core beliefs, that a team comprises of multiple leaders and the development of people around you of equal importance as your leadership development.

Michelle Rothwell

Winning Mindset

Michelle’s first world record (she has two), was when she solo ran from London to Dover (87 miles), then swam the English Channel (22 miles, 1 mile through a swam of jelly fish) before cycling to Paris to finish (187 miles). Her determination and focus is like no other and her mindset is to settle for nothing less than the very best she can be. Michelle firmly believes in the power of mindset over talent and that only by developing a resilient mindset will you be able you to unlock unknown potential.

Unnamed Special Boat Service Captain

Mindfulness When Faced With Extreme Pressure

Still active special boat service captain who will remain unknown throughout the talk tells an exciting story about his life within the SBS. He helps pupils become aware of the importance of mindfulness and when performing at an elite level where pressure is significantly high and the risk is life or death ,no other distractions other to what is currently being faced is fundamental. He believes that when you are focusing on something and you want to maximize success then full concentration and mindfulness is vital.

Paul Sculthorpe MBE

Peer Support

One of the most successful rugby league players of his generation and still heavily involved with St Helens and England, Paul Sculthorpe, twice ‘Man of Steel’ is someone who has made the very most of his potential in the world of Rugby League. Paul tells a great top level career story and reveals to challengers how peer support enabled him to sustain success at the top level for such a long time. A sense camaraderie, trust and respect, a hugely supportive environment, that Paul now wants to re-create within his new role at England RFL.

Paul Greetham

Self Awareness in Early Talent

Director of the academy and elite player development at Warwickshire County Cricket Club, Paul Greetham, believes if the next pipeline of talent can become more aware of their personalities, their strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivations, and emotions - the more successful they will be. Paul tells a sobering story of the many talented cricketers who have slipped through the talent net all for of a lack of self awareness. His aim is as clear as it’s true - to help pupils appreciate the importance of self awareness and to use that understanding as a way to master your life, to create a positive, successful and fulfilling future

WAKTU Accommodation

WAKTU can accommodate team sizes of up to 100 at any one time and offer a 1-5 night stays in the following exclusive Lake District accommodations:

  • Luxury Hotels
  • Country Pubs
  • Wild Camping
  • Lake Shore Cottages

Along with your stay, WAKTU complement all our clients with the following facilities:

  • 5* Spa Treatments
  • Swimming Pool and Jacuzzis
  • Conference Rooms
  • 24 hour Sports Rehabilitation Specialist
  • High Tech Gym Suits